Cruise Blog News, 03/03/2013: Finding Cruising’s Best Bargains + more headlines

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Cruisin Susan Cruise Blog News:

8 Ways to Find Cruising’s Best Bargains in 2013

- Predicting where and when savvy cruise shoppers are most likely to find dirt-cheap seven-night Caribbean cruises, elusive five-category upgrades or truly generous onboard credit requires a crystal ball. Cruise blog news has determined that while travel agents can’t see into the future of cruise deals, they do have a few tricks up their sleeves when looking for the best prices and overall vacation value.

We pumped a couple of knowledgeable cruise sellers for their best tips on finding low cruise fares, getting the cabin you want and making the best choices for your next sailing. Here’s what you need to know.

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Cruise Blog News: More Titanic II Details Revealed


Passengers onboard Titanic II will have no access to Twitter, Wi-Fi or the Internet — but will have a full set of replica clothes from 1912 waiting for them in their cabins.

Multi-class tickets may also be sold so people can get a taste of life in first, second and third class during the six-day voyage from Southampton to New York.

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6 Top Exotic Beach Honeymoons


Honeymoons are the chance to take the adventure of a lifetime. But that doesn’t mean you have to forego the dream of sand and sun—try these exotic beach destinations instead.
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Cruise Blog NewsConcordia victims have Florida jurisdiction victory


Survivors of the Costa Concordia grounding off the Tuscan coast of Italy in January 2012 won a huge victory in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida last week, when the District Judge ordered the claims of 104 survivors remanded to the Florida State Court for continued litigation.


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Photo by Gabriella CM

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