Mediterranean Cruise: Journey To The Birth Place Of Western Civilization

Mediterranean cruise to Oia, Santorini – The Mediterranean Cruise -

Take a Mediterranean cruise. The experience will excite everyone, from the consummate cruise veteran to the first time cruiser. There are more than one hundred and twenty seaports around the coastline, offering a taste of ancient cultures, history, the arts, and just plain fun. No less than seventeen different countries border this alluring sea. Among them are Spain, Italy, Greece and Egypt. Each nation has its own unique culture and history for you to experience as your cruise ship gracefully navigates this calm blue sea.

Harbor Of Mediterranean Fishing village

Greek Fishing Harbor on the Mediterranean

 Mediterranean Cruise Routes

Many cruise lines sail the routes of the Mediterranean. Some sail the western coasts, visiting ports of call in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco and other nations. Others head to the Western Mediterranean, make port in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, and countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Each Mediterranean cruise offers its own style of vacation ranging from elegance and haute cuisine, to casual fun and partying.

Popular destinations include North African nations, Mediterranean islands such as Cyprus, Malta, and the Greek Islands, and the ports of southern Europe. The length of a Mediterranean cruise can range from a few days to several weeks.

History, culture, grand cities, ancient monuments, romantic islands and breathtaking views are all the essence of a Mediterranean Cruise. In the Western Mediterranean you may discover the traditional white Andalucian villages of Southern Spain, sample world famous Manzanilla sherry in Cadiz, and enjoy fantastic ports of call such as Barcelona, and the romantic towns of the Cote D’Azur, and the Italian Riviera.

A cruise around the Mediterranean coastline of Italy offers opportunities to explore destinations such as ancient Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, the active volcano at Stromboli, and amazing Venice. The islands of Sicily and Sardinia are well worth visiting as well.

On an Eastern Mediterranean cruise, passengers can discover the spectacular Croatian coastline, including world famous Dubrovnik, with its ancient walled city. Sailing eastward, ships visit highlights such as Crete. with its the historic Minoan palace at Knossos, and Turkey, home to the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Ephesus.

Take A Cruie To Ephesus, Roman City On The Mediterranean

Ephesus On The Mediterranean – Ancient Roman Ruins

A Mediterranean Cruise To Middle Eastern Coasts

A visit to the holy city of Jerusalem on a Mediterranean cruise making port in Haifa or Ashdod, Israel, is indeed a highlight. However, in a nation holy to three major religions, the points of interest are virtually limitless. A visit to Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt, provides an opportunity to explore the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, and the ancient pyramids at Giza.  This chance to learn first hand about Egypt’s ancient past is not to be missed, while an excursion to the mysterious Petra, Jordan, leaves a lasting impression as well.

The Mediterranean, for thousands of years the center of western civilization, offers a glimpse of ancient history, an opportunity to experience foreign cultures, and a chance to enjoy the majestic beauty of its coastlines. Sailing its waters, and visiting its extraordinary ports fill one with awe, and inspires a desire to return many, many times.

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