Wave Season 2013 Has Arrived In Style

Costa Cruise Ship In Wave Season

wave season 2013 Is Here!

Wave Season 2013

The new year has begun, and once again wave season is upon us. Every year, cruise lines roll out their best bargains during the first three months of the year. The array of choices will boggle the mind of even the most experienced cruisers. “Fares too low not to go!” is the motto this time of year. No itinerary is excluded, and no amenity escapes the marketing effort. Almost as if in a frenzy for the passenger dollar, cruise lines seek to out-do each other with offers which may include free shipboard credits, free airfare, free gratuities, free shore excursions, and much more.

With so many choices, how does one decide? A good place to begin is by deciding what is most important to you. Is the shipboard experience at the top of your list, or do you yearn to visit exciting foreign lands?

Wave Season Choices

Ships vary from smaller vessels to modern cities at sea. Smaller ships tend to provide a more intimate experience and more personalized service. They are able to navigate smaller waterways, and as a result can make anchor at smaller ports. But they often offer a tradeoff between price and entertainment quality. Larger ships are able to offer a greater variety of activities and entertainment at reasonable prices.

If the shipboard experience is paramount, stay closer to home and you’ll save both travel time and money. But if the on-shore experience is your primary concern, begin by deciding on a destination. The world is an amazing place, and learning about foreign cultures, visiting historic places, and enjoying exotic cuisine and music can be a once in a lifetime experience. The best part is that the bargains of wave season can make it an affordable adventure as well.

Wave season offers include cruises almost any time of year, and to a great variety of destinations. The offers allow you to plan as far in advance as you wish, and to guaranty the cabin location and amenities that will bring your dream vacation to life. There is no need to wait until the last minute, and limit your choice of sailings, and available cabins in exchange for an attractive price.

Wave Season Bargains

More cruises are booked during wave season, the first three months of each year, than at any other time, and the reason is clear. Wave season is a buyer’s market created by a fierce competition among cruise lines to fill their ships, and competition yields rewards. Just as salmon fishermen on the west coast rush to the rivers of British Columbia when the fish are running, so cruisers, both novices and experts, would be foolish not to avail themselves of the bargains of wave season.

Happy Cruising.  Andrew Kruglanski, Cruisin Susan Cruise Blog.

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