Whale Watching Cruises: The Wonders of Nature Celebrated

Whale watching in Quebec's St. Lawrence RiverWhale Watching In The Mouth Of The St. Lawrence:

For whale watching cruises, the St. Lawrence Seaway in Quebec is a paradise. Whales, including minke, humpback, fin, blue, right, white and beluga, will swim more playfully with people in smaller personal watercraft than they may with large cruise ships. The whales seem to enjoy playing with, and even investigating these small bipeds that canter out into their home to try and have a personal and up close encounter with them….

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The World’s Top Spots for Whale Watching

Visiting the Caribbean on a P&O Cruises ship is ideal for whale watching because its decks are perfect platforms from which to sight the giant creatures. Humpback whales migrate to the Caribbean, particularly the Dominican Republic….

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Pacific Gray Whale Watching Adventure

This is not your average mega cruise ship experience. You get in a small boat called a In many U.S. whale watching spots, my boys wouldn’t even be allowed on the boat due to insurance issues. Mexican law is not as

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The Norwegian Sun Sails The Best Itinerary For Whale Encounters

A 7-day Gulf of Alaska cruise offers the best opportunity to whale watch. The Norwegian Sun’s northbound and southbound cruises The Icy Strait showcases the native Tinglet culture. In addition to many typical shore excursions found in other Alaska ports, saltwater fishing and whale watching excursions are featured here. It’s hard to imagine a better experience than sailing into Glacier Bay

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Blue Whale Watching In Srilanka

The passenger craft “Princess of Lanka,” utilized for whale watching cruises under the auspices of Jet Liner Nautical Enterprise, will navigate the waters in a recreational adventure offering an opportunity to witnessing the beauty of the Sri Lankan coast

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Discovering The 10 Best Whale Watching Destinations In The World

Every year, millions of people hop on boats, or gather on shore, just to see whales. Indeed, these mammoth sea creatures There are such frequent whale sightings in the Atlantic waters surrounding Cape Cod, that the World Wildlife Fund named Massachusetts one of the top 10 whale-watching spots in the world.

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Saying howdy to the humpbacks | All Things Cruise

As my cruise ship anchored for the day in Juneau, I knew that my whale watching adventure could ultimately disappoint. I opted to bypass the tours offered by our ship, and found a small operator instead. Surprisingly, on the three-hour itinerary that featured places such as Auke Bay, Favorite Channel, Stephens Passage, Lynn Canal and Saginaw Channel, we struck gold. A feeling of misty exhilaration came over us as whales began to dance around our tour boat. To everyone’s credit, no one

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